1 Clear Plan and Organisation
Plan for the day: Having a clear understanding of what you want to achieve on your day, will help focus your ideas and thoughts:

Things to consider:

  • Are you purely raising awareness of your care home?
  • Do you want to use your day as a way of establishing links with the local community?
  • Are you using the day to share the fun and enjoyment residents have who are living in the care home?
  • Is the home being promoted for prospective residents?
  • Do you want to recruit staff and set yourself apart from other employers?
  • Do you want to use the day as an opportunity to recruit volunteers?
  • Or do you simply want to host a fun-filled day to celebrate all the things that make you proud of your care home?

2 Theme : Celebration of Arts in Care Homes
The companies listed below are some of those already working with care homes, older people and adults with learning disabilities, involving Arts programmes for health & wellbeing.
Equal Arts
Ph:  0191 477 5775 - information@equalarts.org.uk - www.equalarts.org.uk
We Do, at home with the arts
Ph: 01484 66 35 18 - Alex Bradshaw, Project Manager - alex@wedocreativity.co.ukwww.athomewiththearts.co.uk
Luminate Scotland
Ph: 0131 668 8056 - Ann Gallacher, Director
Creative Minds
Ph: 07479531029 - James Cropper - james@creativemindsan.co.uk - www.creativemindsan.co.uk
Green Candle Dance
Ph: 020 7739 722 - info@greencandledance.com - http://www.greencandledance.com

3 Promotion of your day
We will be sending out press releases across all media formats. However, it is important that you promote your day to your local community. It’s never too early to start publicising!
You will want to consider:

  • Advertising in the local press - We have included a press release template on our website that you can adapt & send to your local newspapers. 
  • Asking the local radio station if they will promote the day for you.
  • Inviting specific ‘community groups’ such as AgeUK, local religious groups, schools, toddler groups, local community support officers and volunteer groups etc.
  • Putting up a banner outside your home well in advance of the date.
  • It is VERY important that you advertise your event locally as unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do this for each home.
  • Social media presence is very important for up-take! Consider twitter and using the hashtag #CHOD2019 and @carehomeopenday

4 Special Guests

  • If you are planning on inviting local dignitaries ensure you get your invitations out early as most dignitaries’ diaries are booked well in advance, so you will need to give them plenty of notice.
  • Consider other ‘special’ guests that live locally who you would like to invite along – maybe you have a local celebrity or an artist, local GP or a representative from The Alzheimer’s Society. 
  • If you have invited the local press, it is worth remembering that they may not necessarily attend. So arrange to have a camera available for your day so you can take your own photographs and then send copies of the photos to the local press for publication afterwards.
  • Someone will need to be available to meet and greet your specially invited visitors upon arrival and look after them for the duration of their visit.
  • We suggest setting up an extra column in your visitors’ book so you can record how many visitors you get on the day and who they were.
  • Care England has a Care Home Parly Network and would be delighted to help you find your local MP.

5 Sharing

  • Use a good quality camera /video camera to capture all those special moments throughout the day.
  • Rather than asking people to pose for all photographs try and capture a selection of more natural, engaging shots.
  • Prior to the event, ensure you have obtained written consent from everyone you film or take a photograph of. Especially if you plan on using any photographs for future publications or if you are planning to upload a copy to the Care Home Open Day website. 
  • Use social media. If you haven’t already got a Twitter account for your home, set one up and tweet about what you are doing, both leading up to the day to promote it and on the day itself. Try and remember to use the hashtag as this makes it easier for people searching for anything to do with Care Home Open Day. The official Care Home Open Day hashtag #CHOD19
  • After the event, send your stories and photo to info@carehomeopenday.org.uk .To be included in our brochure. Places are limited so get them in fast!